E rickshaw manufacturers in Maharashtra

E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Maharashtra

Electric E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Maharashtra. Saksham E rickshaw Manufacturers is one of the most preferred transports nation-wide due to its compact size and eco-friendly nature. It is a hybrid derived from traditional rickshaws and autos, due to using electricity as the fuel and run on battery, it is known as E-rickshaw. Almost every city and town has Battery rickshaws, and Maharashtra is no exception. Since 2011, it is leading the transport sector in Maharashtra and people loving its features such as an affordable and eco-friendly substitute to other transports means. The E-rickshaws are quite cheaper and consume very less electricity, thus it is an ideal option to invest in. the owners of E-rickshaws are growing day by day due to its increasing use and popularity among commuters. So, if you are planning to buy an E-rickshaw in Maharashtra, Saksham E-rickshaw is an ideal choice and the top-notch e-rickshaw manufacturers in Maharashtra.

Electric Rickshaw in Maharashtra

Electric E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Maharashtra. We provide a wide range of models equipped with a fine range of features. From passenger to loader E-rickshaws, every variety is readily available at our place at minimal prices. Electric Rickshaw in Maharashtra are designed to provide the best comfort to both passengers and driver. So that you get the best value for the money product, which consumes a very low amount of electricity and gives better mileage than that of E-rickshaws supplied by other manufacturers in the market. Moreover, the vehicles manufactured are the perfect blend of quality and appealing appearance.

E Rickshaws Suppliers in Maharashtra

Electric E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Maharashtra. The components include a powerful battery, High-end music system, comfortable seats, storage space and a long-term warranty. If you are looking for best E-Rickshaws Suppliers in Maharashtra, contact us at any point of time and get the best quality of the product. We ensure to provide you the right choice at right time, whether you order traditional or customized E-rickshaw.

E rickshaw manufacturers in Maharashtra

  • Wheel size 3.75.12
  • Icat approved alloy rims (100% Aluminium)
  • 43 mm hydraulic shocker with spring (12 kg)
  • I cat approved lights
  • CY differential
  • 1840 Watt waterproof motor
  • 24 tube waterproof controller 60 Amp
  • Conveter 25 Amp (Like mini controller)
  • Advanced digital meter with memory card
  • Kamani 8 leaves 12 kg full tempered(Tata Ace)
  • Body weight 145 kg with liquid & textured paint
  • Wiring harness 20 mm (For extra 20 kmmillage)
  • Central locking system
  • Music system
Electric Rickshaw in Maharashtra
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