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Saksham E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Bihar. E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Bihar- E rickshaws are popular nation-wide due to endless reasons. Bihar which has now become the pollution capital of the country needs some strong pollution control policies from the end of authorities. But the invention of e-rickshaw has contributed a lot in orders to control the pollution. Also, as our country is constantly looking for some employment sources, the e-rickshaw driving is the best occupation to start a low-investment business.

Even after a long list of challenges, Bihar is developing in various sectors. The e-rickshaw has no become the source of bread for many individuals and thus the demand is increasing with each passing day. If you are willing to purchase an e-rickshaw in order to earn good wages but contributing to the pollution-control campaign, Saksham e-rickshaw Manufacturers the top-notch E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Bihar is the place where you need to get.

E Rickshaws Suppliers in Bihar

Saksham E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Bihar. We offer the most feature-rich yet pocket-friendly vehicle which helps the commuters and owner. The e-rickshaws are designed after comprehensive analyses of the comfort-needs of the drivers and passengers at the same time. There is a long list of models to choose your favorite one and each model is equipped with a different set of the feature with the classic build of e-rickshaw.

Saksham E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Bihar. With a strong body and advanced mechanism, our e-rickshaws are proven to be a revolutionary product in the market. We are the fastest and the most reliable notch E Rickshaws Suppliers in Bihar. notch Basically, e-rickshaws are smaller n size comparatively other transportation, which makes is best suitable for crowded places. We design h e-rickshaws in such a way that this tiny vehicle contains all luxuries such as sufficient storage, comfortable seats, important safety features, eye-catching outlook, music facility, and a long-term warranty of the parts.

E Rickshaws in Bihar

Saksham E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Bihar. So, if you are looking to buy E Rickshaws in Bihar, contact us for getting the best value for your money. Our designs are definitely going to hamper your competitors, not your pocket.

Saksham E Rickshaw Manufacturers in Bihar

  • Wheel size 3.75.12
  • Icat approved alloy rims (100% Aluminium)
  • 43 mm hydraulic shocker with spring (12 kg)
  • I cat approved lights
  • CY differential
  • 1840 Watt waterproof motor
  • 24 tube waterproof controller 60 Amp
  • Conveter 25 Amp (Like mini controller)
  • Advanced digital meter with memory card
  • Kamani 8 leaves 12 kg full tempered(Tata Ace)
  • Body weight 145 kg with liquid & textured paint
  • Wiring harness 20 mm (For extra 20 kmmillage)
  • Central locking system
  • Music system
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