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E Rickshaw Loader Manufacturers

Saksham E rickshaw Manufacturers is the leading E Rickshaw loader manufacturers in Delhi India across the nation, who are certified on a certain level and provide the top quality passengers and loader E-transport at very budget-friendly cost. The E-rickshaw has brought the revolution to the transport sector.

We are a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge of E-rickshaw components and mechanism. We can design any customize E-vehicle in the shortest possible time without compromising with the quality. Every minor detail is taken to attention while designing a product so that you get the most comfortable and efficient vehicle to get the best advantage out of it. This is why we are known as best E Rickshaw loader manufacturers.

Battery E-Rickshaw Loader in Delhi India

Battery E-Rickshaw Loader in Delhi India is booming nowadays due to being an efficient way to goods from one place to another at cheap prices. It is used on a large scale due to several reasons and the best reason is it is nature-friendly and runs on a battery which charges with electricity, so this way we can preserve our limited petroleum resources by using public transports like E-rickshaw for both commuting and transporting.

We believe in customer satisfaction and hence we render the top-quality of components along with a long-term warranty. To maintain our performance and quality, we keep asking for suggestion and feedback. So, to get the finest E-Rickshaw Loader, you can freely rely upon us.

E-Rickshaw Loader Suppliers

We are E-Rickshaw Loader Suppliers work dedicatedly to serve you the quality and quantity at the same time so that we can meet the deadlines without hampering your workflow. Our experienced team members think out of the box to provide you unique blend of features and performance. Therefore we have become the first choice of the E-rickshaw buyer. Moreover, we provide the vehicles to every corner of the country and thus we are popular nationwide for our products and services.

Battery E Rickshaw loader manufacturers

  • Wheel size 3.75.12
  • I cat approved alloy rims (100% Aluminium)
  • 43 mm hydraulic shocker with spring (12 kg)
  • I cat approved lights
  • CY differential
  • 1000 Watt waterproof motor
  • 24 tube waterproof controller 60 Amp
  • Conveter 25 Amp (Like mini controller)
  • Advanced digital meter with memory card
  • Kamani 8 leaves 12 kg full tempered
  • Body weight 145 kg with liquid & textured paint
  • Wiring harness 20 mm (For extra 20 kmmillage)
  • Central locking system
Battery E-Rickshaw Loader
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