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The Company was formed in 1964, started its operations with manufacturing paddle rickshaw. Company made it feray into another business of manufacturing & exporting E- rickshaw which shows the vision to use of modern day technology, keeping the innovation factors intact, which are meant to carry passengers and loads . All these E rickshaws runs on chargable battery and required no manual effort, which outflow the use of costly fuels. Saksham Trading Company is one of the leading importer in India of e-rickshaw spare parts.

Quality Assurence

Electrical & battery e rickshaw Manufacturers in India. We are a highly advanced enterprise specializing in research and development of spare parts of e-rickshaw. Presently, we are manufacturing e-rickshaw passenger type and e-rickshaw loading type. We can manufacture e-rickshaw as per the special requirements of our clients.

Electric rickshaw manufactured by our company have a huge demand in the market. In fact, now we are selling these tricycles in best price in all the major cities of India.We assure you that by using our top class E-Rickshaw and exceptional services you will create a good fortune in electric vehicle industry. Moreover, we are ready to enter a long-term and mutual partnership with our customers for creating good business opportunities in electric vehicle industry. So, JP Corp invites all the dealers, fittings wholesalers of e-rickshaw spare parts and persons who are involved in electric vehicles industry from different cities and states for negotiation to try our products and services. So, buy our electric rickshaw today in best price and earn high amount of profits.

Saksham E-Rickshaw as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of E-Rickshaw & E-Loader. These automobile products are designed in accordance with the industry laid standards and are offered as the cost-effective solutions to our customers. Under our product gamut, we have assorted Electric Rickshaws, E Loaders and customized E-Vehicles to cater to the diversified business needs of our privileged clients. These vehicles are easy to maintain and are Eco-friendly & fuel-efficient solutions, resulting in their wide demand across the nation.

By using the best of resources at hand, we will change lives of the people who are directly or indirectly connected to us, our products and our businesses.Our responsible business practices involve people from all spheres of life. Our commitment to green and sustainable business is bringing Eco friendly technologies and awareness into the mainstream through our manufacturing processes.

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govt approved e rickshaw
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